Tuesday reflection

This week, this Passion week is an opportunity to for us to be reminded of
the urgent need for Jesus
in the lives of people in the first Century
and the experience
of the Disciples.

Peter, kind of a hot head, a little bit bumbling.
Thomas the skeptic.
James, the brother of Jesus – what must THAT have been like.

They are all so very human,
and never more so
than in this last week when Jesus walked toward the Cross.
He told them,
he had been telling them
and he kept telling them.

I will be betrayed
The authorities will prosecute me
I will be killed.
Something horrible will happen.
And then something miraculous comes next.
A transformation, a salvation that will change the world entirely.
The lowly will be lifted up.


The mourning comforted
The enslaved set free.
And all the world will be offered a new way of being
A promise and a hope that has never been present in this way before.

All this, Jesus has been saying
and continues to say to his followers.
But it is incredibly hard to comprehend
Our text this morning says
The crowd answered him, “We have heard from the law that the Messiah
remains forever. How can you say that the Son of Man must be lifted up?
Who is this Son of Man?”

We, in the 21 st Century have the benefit of 2020 hindsight.
We know how the story ends and why Jesus is saying all these things.
And knowing to what Jesus is referring
And knowing what it means to be transformed
by this Alarming and loving act
It is easy to forget what the Disciples were feeling in this moment
The anxiety inherent in not knowing what to expect
The fear that builds in our hearts when our imaginations go to work on us.

It is easy for us to forget
Or disregard the stress of this moment.


Because we know that something awful will happen
The worst that can be imagined
Their beloved friend and leader
Will be tortured to death.

And we know that he will overcome death
That there is a resurrection
A new reality
Altered forever by the scars of crucifixion
But also made new and filled with a promise
That could not have been imagined before.

This is what we cling to now in the age of Covid 19
The promise of resurrection
Like the disciples in this last week of Jesus life
We have no idea what to expect
And what we do know just fills us with fear.
The future promises heartbreak
And it will deliver that heartbreak.

God is with us in suffering


Jesus overcomes death
There will be a new reality when this season is over
One that we cannot comprehend of now
Complete with the scars of the experience.
We will have one another
We will know the love of God
AND the saving grace of his son Jesus Christ.

This week, this Passion week is an opportunity to for us to be reminded of
the urgent need for Jesus
in the lives of people in the first Century.
Normally, we have to work to relate to them
This year, their fear and anxiety is all too real.

So we cling to the hope that they held
That God is good
That Jesus is the Messiah
That salvation that we cannot comprehend right now
Is somehow on its way.

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