Opportunities to Learn, Pray and Laugh at Christ Cathedral

Lunch in the Library (Almost) Every Day

  • These groups meet in the Library of the Parish hall beginning between 12-1pm, but you can come in late or leave early as needed.
  • No preparation is necessary – we will read what we are discussing during the class, all materials are provided.
  • Anyone is welcome to join any class at any time – bring a brown bag lunch and drop by.

Monday: Praying Shapes Believing

We gather to pray the parish prayer list, to pray for our community, our country and our world and them we explore ways to develop and grow a healthy life of prayer.

Tuesday: Speaking Christian

Each week we read and discuss a short essay about a topic drawn from our faith (i.e., Kathleen Norris on Grace, Marcus Borg on Forgiveness).

Wednesday: The Gospel in the News

Each week we take a topic from the headlines (literally) and look at it from the perspective of what the Bible tells us and how we are called to act, as followers of Christ.

Thursday: Women’s Bible Study

This spring we will read through the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, stopping along the way to take a deep dive into passages that speak to us.

Men’s Bible Study

Meets the first Thursday of every month in the Parish Hall. Topics are drawn from the scripture and no preparation is necessary. Stop by with your lunch and join in.

Thursday Evening Book Group

This group meets in the Library from 7-8:30pm. We read fiction and non-fiction and approach each chapter with a theme in mind. We explore a spiritual practice each week, i.e. lectio divina, and close by blessing a character from the reading.

For more information on any aspect of adult formation at the Cathedral, please contact Mo. Shay at scraig@christcathedralsalina.org or 785-376-2000.

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  1. Shay-

    I have been a slacker post-River Festival in getting to any of these great options, but I will come. Have we tried posting this info to our page or sharing a bit in our next print ad, so church members or seekers might know? 😉


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