Cathedral Instruments

The instruments at Christ Cathedral are looked upon to be the finest in the city.

The most widely recognized music of Christ Cathedral comes from the bells which have spoken to the people of Salina for over a century. The chime of eleven bells was installed using a team of horses an a temporary crane installed on the bell tower in 1906. Over the years additional bells have been added to the instrument to make it into a complete carillon of 23 bells. The instrument was completed in 1999 with the last fourteen bells cast at the Petit and Fritsen Foundry in Holland.

The classical pipe organ at Christ Cathedral was built by the M.P. Moller Company of Hagerstown, Maryland in 1977. It has 30 ranks and over 2000 individual pipes. The instrument is looked upon as being one of the finest in this part of Kansas. Over the years this pipe organ has been instrumental in making the worship services an inspiration for all who hear it. World renowned organist, Diane Bish, gave the premier recital.

Our Kawai grand piano was purchased in 2012 and international pianist Steven Spooner gave the premier recital. This is our primary musical instrument for worship during the season of Lent. It is frequently used to accompany both the choir and soloists for vocal performances.