2021 Annual Meeting Agenda and Reports

2021 Annual Meeting of Christ Cathedral
February 7, 2021

“We meet people where they are, serve ALL, and live together in Christ’s love.”
Agenda for the 2020 Annual Meeting of Christ Cathedral

 Opening Prayer

 Approval of Minutes from 2020 Meeting

 Vestry Election

 Outgoing Vestry Members
 Matthew Carver
 Boo Hodges
 Andy Houltberg
 John Wood

 Candidates for Vestry
 Patrick Beatty
 DeMay Grunden
 Boo Hodges
 Kay Quinn
 Dale Wooten

 Delegates to Diocesan Convention
 Jennifer Higgins
 Arthur Jones
 Pam Smith
 Harvetta VonFange

 Endowment Fund Update

 Presentation of Budget

 Ministry Reports

 Remarks from the Dean

 Additional Business

 Closing Prayer

Annual Meeting 2020
January 26, 2020
We meet people where they are, serve ALL, and live together in Christ’s love.

Fr. David opened the annual meeting with the Mission Statement and a prayer. He thanked Office Administrator Crissy Cook for preparing the meal. This was followed by the congregation singing two verses of “Christ is Made the Sure Foundation.”

Barth Crouch moved and Arthur Jones seconded a motion to approve the 2019 Annual Meeting minutes as printed. Motion passed.

Fr. David thanked the outgoing Vestry members, Kathleen Malone Crouch, Mike Lamone, and Melinda Ryberg, for faithfully serving the church on the Vestry. Ballots were distributed to and collected from the congregation to vote for new Vestry members. Fr. David expressed appreciation for those being willing to serve as Vestry members. The candidates included Bill Butler, Denise DuBois, Andy Houltberg, Carolyn Peterson, and Deb Schmid.

Fr. David discussed sending delegates to the upcoming Diocesan Convention, thanking those who have agreed to attend. Fr. David asked for a motion to approve Lindsey Decker, Jennifer Higgins, Arthur Jones, and Harvetta VonFange to attend the convention. Linda Favre made a motion which was seconded by Arthur Jones. The motion passed.

Mike Beatty offered comments regarding the Endowment Fund. The church has two endowments, totaling approximately $7.5 million. The endowments have been set up so that only the income from the endowments can be spent. Last year the two endowments produced about $350, 000 for the church. Expanding programs means additional funds are needed. Pledge and faith offerings have remained steady while programs have increased. The Vestry and Finance Committee must be sure spending is done efficiently. The mission fund, which supplies money for the welcome table, is nearly spent. Mike asked the congregation to encourage giving to this ministry.

Lindsey Decker thanked the congregation for their patience as she learned her job. She indicated that, financially, the main priority is to decrease dependency on the endowment. Lindsey highlighted the different “pots” of money, which have now been broken into segments to better track expenditures. Lindsey encouraged people to call her with questions regarding finances.

John Wood encouraged the congregation to read the senior warden report. He had no additional comments regarding the report.

Fr. David invited the congregation to take home and read the reports which provide opportunities to learn about the current programs, ministries, and future plans for the church. Fr. David thanked John Wood, Senior Warden and Mike Lamon, Junior Warden.

Fr. David commented that it is an honor to work with the lay staff of Cathedral and recognized each of them: Don Grunden, facilities, Crissy Cook, Office Administrator, Lindsey Decker, Financial Administrator, Royce Young, Canon Presenter, and Music Director, and Matt Schwan, Choir Director.

John Wood expressed the congregation’s appreciate for Fr. David’s leadership.

Fr. David expressed his appreciation for the work of Mother Shay, Curate, and Fr. Bobby Smith, Assisting Priest.

Fr. David expressed that there is a lot happening at Christ Cathedral adding that as we continue to consider how God is calling us, it has become more and more evident that we have opportunities to grow and develop in significant ways. At a time when churches are struggling, we are doing well. Fr. David gave thanks to God and hopes we will continue to work and be viable, impacting this community and others. Fr. David stated that in addition to those attending our regular masses, there are several hundred people who come into the Cathedral for weekly for support groups, to attend meetings, to participate in book groups, etc. We are looking for ways to form partnerships with others to provide additional programs. Fr. David added that as we become more intentional about serving, we have enjoyed media attention. Fr. David demonstrated a portion of the media coverage Christ Cathedral has been given. Media coverage allows opportunities to show that we are impacting our community and to form partnerships with others. This will continue to be an area of focus.

Fr. David said that we are a church that has been in the process of developing a vision for our future. A Visioning Committee was formed. Their work has culminated in a visioning document. Fr. David thanked the members of the committee for their work. Fr. David invited the congregation to carefully read the Visioning Committee, adding that the next step in this process is to begin the implementation of the initiatives in the report. Fr. David highlighted the main points of the Future Ministry and Mission section: 1. Christ Cathedral is devoted to cultivating spiritual creativity and imagination in service to others. 2. In seeking to minister in the name of Jesus Christ, we aim to be a spiritual center for all people. 3. Christ Cathedral seeks to be an ongoing, positive force in our community. Fr. David added that to achieve these goals, we are committed to: Education, effectiveness, and embodiment.

Fr. David expressed that it is an extremely exciting time in this church, and he encouraged the engagement of all members.

Newly elected Vestry members are Andy Houltberg, Carolyn Peterson, and Deb Schmid. Fr. David thanked them for offering themselves for service.

An inquiry was made about reasons for the additional draw on the endowment. Mike Beatty stated that this is a complex issue in which expenses have increased more than pledges and plate contributions. There are also more programs that cost money. Fr. David added that part of the focus over the next year will be about how to become less reliant on the endowment.

A request was made for additional handicapped parking next to the ramp in the parking area. Fr. David is working to make this happen.

A suggestion was made to establish a volunteer workday instead of spending money on a contractor to complete needed work on the church. Jr. Warden, Mike Lamone agreed that this is a great idea. He will visit with the senior warden and organize a workday.

Fr. David thanked the congregation for their participation and ministry.

The meeting closed with the singing of the final two verses of “Christ is Made the Sure Foundation.”

Respectfully submitted,

Ginger Wooten
Vestry Clerk


1. Endowment
2. Budget
3. Sr. Warden
4. Jr. Warden
5. Christian Formation
6. Outreach/ Food ministry
7. Music
8. Virtual Worship
9. Altar Guild

Christ Cathedral Endowment Fund
2020 Report of Activities

The Cathedral Endowment investment income for the year was $409,083, a 13% return on invested assets. This investment income was allocated to each of the eight Funds based on its average fund balance for the year. Page 5 shows the details. The investment gain was less than the S & P 500 which gained 18% with dividends reinvested but the same as the Greater Salina Community Foundation which gained approximately 13%. The Trustees sold all shares of Caterpillar, Emerson Electric, Exxon Mobile, and International Flavors and Fragrances and bought United Healthcare this year. All securities owned at year end gained market value. Page 4 shows the details of the current investments.
The only other source of income other than investments year was the $166,101 which was transferred from the Miller Fund, managed by the Greater Salina Community Foundation. Bequests and donations to the Cathedral Endowment during the past thirty-seven years of over $10,000 have been from Ethel Seitz Hines, the Morgenstern Family, the Ken Wright Family, the Roderick Family, Dana Anderson, Fred Litchman, the Vanier Family, the Dorothy Lynch Family, Dee Norris, Wanda Spencer, the Robert Anderson Family, Connie Achterberg and Martha Shimp.
Endowed Funds were given to the Endowment with the intent that the original gift would be preserved and only investment earnings be used to benefit the Cathedral. In this way, the gift could “keep on giving” forever. But if all investment earnings were distributed annually, only the original gifts would remain and inflation would eventually erode the value of these gifts. So, we accumulate investment earnings (and losses) in Temporarily Restricted accounts. Then we calculate five percent of the average of the most recent three years’ Original Contributions and Temporarily Restricted fund balances for each Endowed Fund as the amount of new money to make available to the Cathedral. The 5% is then transferred annually to its corresponding Spendable Fund. Any investment earnings over the 5% transferred is accumulated in the Temporarily Restricted Accumulated Earnings accounts – see page 5 for these calculations. This year, $156,565 of new Spendable money was made available for use by the Cathedral. The total Spendable money (including $446,720 of unspent funds from prior years) is now $603,285.
Spendable Funds can be used at any time, subject to these guidelines:
General Capital Maintenance Fund (including Columbarium, Martha Litchman Library, Organ, and Anderson Fountain) current balance is $375,058 and is for use by the Vestry, to preserve and enhance the long-term value of the Cathedral property.
The Dean’s Discretionary Fund current balance is $6,494 and is for use by the Dean.
The Education Fund current balance is $13,324 and is for use by the Vestry, to provide educational resources for the congregation.
The Litchman Scholarship Fund current balance is $2,960 and is paid annually as determined by the Vestry.
The Missions – Outreach Fund current balance is $6,099 and is for use by the Vestry, for outreach.
The Taylor Family Flowers Fund current balance is $1,980 and is to place flowers on the Taylor family crypt five times per year and the trustees can allocate surplus funds as they choose.
The Undesignated and Memorials Fund current balance is $195,453 and is to be used for the Cathedral as directed by the Vestry.
The Youth Music Fund current balance is $2,320 and is to be used at the discretion of the Music Director.

Respectfully submitted,
R. Michael Beatty, Trustee
Matthew Carver, Trustee
Max DeForest, Trustee
Michael Lamone, Trustee

Christ Cathedral Endowment Fund
Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Fund Balances

12/31/2020 12/31/2019

Cash (Margin Loan)-Charles Schwab (556,953) (594,490)
Note Receivable-Dean Hodges 20,000 20,000
Market Value of Securities (see page 4) 4,308,353 4,055,338

Total Assets 3,771,400 3,480,848

Endowment Funds
Original Endowed Contributions
General Capital Maintenance (including Columbarium,
Martha Litchman Library, Organ, and Anderson Fountain) 640,227 640,227
Dean’s Discretionary 13,700 13,700
Dean’s Housing 20,651 20,651
Education 25,015 25,015
Litchman Scholarship 27,136 27,136
Missions and Camperships 40,015 40,015
Taylor Flowers 5,000 5,000
Undesignated and Memorials 851,087 851,087
1,622,830 1,622,830
Temporarily Restricted Accumulated Earnings
General Capital Maintenance (including Columbarium,
Martha Litchman Library, Organ, and Anderson Fountain) 989,105 884,163
Dean’s Discretionary 22,996 20,644
Education 10,301 8,038
Litchman Scholarship 46,645 40,788
Missions – Outreach 30,053 25,563
Taylor Flowers 2,556 2,071
Undesignated and Memorials 443,629 360,506
1,545,284 1,341,772
Spendable Accumulated Earnings

Christ Cathedral Endowment Fund
Statement of Changes in Net Assets

1/1/2020 1/1/2019 1/1/2018
12/31/2020 12/31/2019 12/31/2018
General Capital Maintenance (including Columbarium,
Martha Litchman Library, Organ, and Anderson Fountain) – – 17,089
Undesignated and Memorials 166,101 159,133 184,462
Total Contributions 166,101 159,133 201,551

General Capital Maintenance (including Columbarium,
Martha Litchman Library, Organ, and Anderson Fountain) (17,543) (19,786) (102,212)
Dean’s Discretionary (234) – (4,000)
Dean’s Housing – – (82)
Education (5,750) – –
Fred Litchman Scholarships (3,156) (2,659) (3,170)
Missions – Outreach (2,384) (6,811) (10,973)
Ashby Sanctuary House – – –
Taylor Family Flowers (318) (201) (336)
Undesignated and Memorials (255,246) (360,764) (302,191)
Total Distributions (284,632) (390,221) (422,964)

Dividends 30,788 33,705 30,237
Realized Gain (Loss) 130,027 – (5,408)
Unrealized Gain (Loss) 257,991 615,247 (4,183)
Foreign Taxes Withheld – – –
Interest Expense (9,724) (15,205) (5,613)
Net Investment Income 409,083 633,746 15,034

Net Increase (Decrease) in Assets 290,552 402,658 (206,379)

1/1/2020 1/1/2019 1/1/2018

Christ Cathedral Endowment Fund Investments Details

Annual- ized Returns
Security Number of Shares Market Price per Share Cost Basis Unrealized Gain (Loss) Market Value % of Total Market Value Last Year From Date of Purchase
Amazon.com 30.00 3,256.93 51,466.95 46,240.95 97,707.90 2% 76% 29%
Apple 1,000.00 132.69 45,989.95 86,700.05 132,690.00 3% 82% 54%
Berkshire Hathaway B 10,033.00 231.87 486,256.78 1,840,094.93 2,326,351.71 57% 2% 11%
Johnson and Johnson 1,600.00 157.38 95,208.95 156,599.05 251,808.00 6% 11% 14%
Microsoft 3,475.00 222.42 270,039.90 502,869.60 772,909.50 19% 34% 19%
Starbucks 4,500.00 106.98 189,017.90 292,392.10 481,410.00 12% 24% 17%
United Healthcare 700.00 350.68 205,568.02 39,907.98 245,476.00 6% 42% 42%
Totals and Averages 1,137,980 2,924,897 4,062,877 100% 13% 12%

Year End Allocations of Fund Balances for 2020

Statement of Fund Activity Robert F. Miller Fund for
Christ Cathedral
October 01, 2020 through December 31, 2020
Fund Activity Summary
Beginning Balance $3,993,083.88
Dividend Income $31,707.05
Realized Gain on Investments $11,216.98
Unrealized Gain on Investments $414,297.30
Total Receipts $457,221.33
Total Distributions $0.00
Ending Balance Spendable Balance* $4,450,305.21

*Figured annually as 4.50% of average fund balance of previous 16 quarters. Available upon request until June 30 after meeting minimum fund balances. Not all funds subject to spendable limitation.
Fund Activity Detail
Date Account Description Amount

2020-10-31 Dividend Income
Unrealized Gain/Loss on Investments Revenue Share
Revenue Share $966.75
2020-10-31 Dividend Income Dividends $1298.51
2020-10-31 Dividend Income Accrued Income $-7044.00
2020-10-31 Unrealized Gain/Loss on Investments Unrealized Loss $-23,393.69
2020-11-30 Dividend Income Revenue Share $934.86
2020-11-30 Unrealized Gain/Loss on Investments Revenue Share $237,399.62
2020-11-30 Unrealized Gain/Loss on Investments Unrealized Gains $116,934.61
2020-11-30 Dividend Income Dividends $3,605.14
2020-12-31 Dividend Income Dividends $12,274.69
2020-12-31 Unrealized Gain/Loss on Investments Unrealized Gain/Loss $32,020.62
2020-12-31 Dividend Income Accrued Income $6,596.00
2020-12-31 Dividend Income Revenue Share $13,075.10
2020-12-31 Realized Gain/Loss on Investments Revenue Share $11,216.98
2020-12-31 Unrealized Gain/Loss on Investments Revenue Share $77,562.14

Christ Cathedral 2021 Budget

2020 Budget 2020 ACTUAL 2021 BUDGET
Non-Pledge Income $40,000 $41,903 $42,000
Pledge Income $140,000 $94,457 $103,470
Misc. Income – $22,980 $37,000
Endowment Income $296,150.00 $294,407 $282,000
Total Income $476,150 $453,747 $464,470
Advertising, Printing & Postage $6,000 $3,875 $4,000
Diocesan Assessment $60,348 $68,199 $69,671
Hospitality and Kitchen Expenses $1,800 $1,261 $1,300
Memberships – $670 $670
Supplies $11,500 $12,046 $12,000
Repairs & Maintenance $10,000 $17,247 $17,500
Lawn Service $11,000 $4,594 $5,000
Property Insurance $38,000 $39,731 $40,000
Medical Insurance $22,902 $18,416 $36,294
Phone/Internet $3,000 $7,010 $6,300
Utilities $21,000 $14,912 $15,000
Welcome Table $8,500 $11,308 $12,000
Continuing Education $2,500 $4,272 $4,500
Staff Travel & Meals $8,000 $6,646 $6,500
Community Outreach $2,000 $2,373 $2,000
Music $5,000 $5,367 $5,000
Adult Education, Formation & Worship $2,000 $2,508 $2,000
Youth Education & Formation $1,000 $0 $1,000
Payroll $250,000 $222,093 $219,290
Software $5,500 $5,791 $5,500
Worker’s Comp Insurance $2,489 $2,489 $2,000
Total Expenses 472,050 $450,808 $463,175
Net Excess Income $4,100 $2,939 $1,295

Christ Cathedral ** Time period reflected – 1/1 – 12/31 Balance Sheet

Current assets: Previous Year Current Year
Cash 16,046.77 13,770.81
Accounts receivable 77,596.05 26,769.22
Total current assets 22,033.71 93,642.82

Fixed assets: Previous Year Current Year
Buildings, furnishings and equipment 5,601,442.08 5,602,781.38
Original Cost 142,436.21 142,436.21
Less accumulated depreciation (5,818.89) (5,818.89)
Total fixed assets 5,738,059.40 5,739,398.70

Total assets 5,831,702.22 5,770,728.73

Liabilities and owner’s equity
Current liabilities: Previous Year Current Year
Accounts payable – 13,845.43
Payroll Liabilities 3,698.50 4,851.59
Deferred Income 60,675.94 26,769.22

Total current liabilities 64,374.44 56,466.24

Long-term liabilities: Previous Year Current Year

Total long-term liabilities 40,796.02

Owner’s equity: Previous Year Current Year

Opening Balance Equity 78,350.05 78,350.05
Net Assets Beginning of Year 5,651,582.50 5,648,950.73
Net Income (3,400.79) (13,038.29)

Total owner’s equity 5,729,932.55 5,726,531.76

Total liabilities and owner’s equity 5,831,702.20 5,770,728.73
Sr. Warden

Dear Friends of Christ Cathedral,
What a year 2020 was, beginning with the COVID-19 lockdown followed by many difficult and different adjustments to our daily lives. In spite of these changes and difficulties looking back on the YEAR I can find many blessings and hope you can as well.
Some of the changes and blessings I found at Christ Cathedral in 2020-
Of course the pandemic changed how we worship at Christ Cathedral, but thanks to the leadership of Fr. David along with the rest of the clergy, staff, and parishioners we were able to hold Sunday services virtually with limited in person attendance.
We also were able to have Morning Prayer, meetings, Bible study and Bereavement group by using Zoom.
It requires a great deal of time, effort and coordination to broadcast these Sunday services. Matt Schwan, our virtual worship coordinator did a magnificent job of directing this effort. So to Matt and everyone involved, a big thank you for all or your hard work. We are blessed that you all could make this work.
Another big change in our church life was Curate Mo. Shay, leaving to become the Priest at the Episcopal Church in Hays. After several interviews with different candidates we were fortunate to find Mo. Catherine Cox. With all of the Covid restrictions upon her she has done a wonderful job of reaching out to our community. She has been very busy with all of her curate duties, assisting Fr. David, Bible studies, Bereavement group, Morning Prayer and Sunday services. In December we were all rewarded with the Ordination of Mo. Catherine as Priest. What a special and beautiful service it was.
Speaking of Ordinations, our Postulant Andy Houltberg, will be ordained at Deacon this coming March at Christ Cathedral. Very special and exciting for Andy and his family, as well at the church. Two Ordinations in three months, that is special!
We had another big change at the church last year. After 46 years our Canon, Music Director and organist, Royce Young decided to retire. There aren’t enough words that can express our appreciation and gratitude for all Royce had done and meant to our church. Enjoy our travels Royce and Donna.
I’m pretty sure it was Royce who put Fr. David in touch with Dr. Hentus von Rooyen who is now our new Music Director and Organist. Dr. von Rooyen had a hard act to follow in Royce but I’m sure we can all agree that he has done an outstanding job.
More change, in the summer of 2020 Molly Kierscht and Wendy DeArvil reached out to the Dean about the Montessori school returning to Christ Cathedral. How exciting, young children back on church grounds. With a lot of work on the part of Molly and Wendy and great help from Kathleen Crouch the Montessori school opened in the fall. How wonderful and what a blessing to have 32 children here with us at Christ Cathedral.
With Lindsey Decker taking a new job in Hutchinson she needed to relinquish her position as our Financial Administrator. Fortunately, Crissy Cook, our Office Administrator had bookkeeping experience and agreed to take over for Lindsey, not an easy task to make this transition. Crissy, Kathy White and Mike Beatty have all spent a great deal of time and effort to get our accounts in good order and ready for 2021. We are blessed to have such people in our church to pitch in and help when needed.
A big thanks to Cat Seaton and family for all their work with the Welcome Table. Their work not only is a benefit to the Samina community but has brought much attention to the work of Christ Cathedral.
So, 2020 was a strange and difficult year but looking back we adapted, we made things work, and we got through it. Good things happened for us during the upheaval of the pandemic so let’s count our blessings!
It has been my honor and pleasure to serve as your Senior Warden for the last two years.

God Bless You,
John Wood

Jr. Warden

It goes without saying, 2020 has been an unprecedented and memorable year. As all of us have found ways to cope with the changes, the church has also had to alter the way we operate. With the changes to worship, to online only for a while and now to both in person and online, the building usage looks different and the protocol for social distancing, masks and cleaning are now in the forefront. Don Grunden, facilities manager, has taken on the role of “change” on a daily basis. Thank you, Don for your ability to take on new roles.
During this time, building usage and normal upkeep has been anything but normal. The gutters on the church were in need of cleaning and that was accomplished and will allow for determination if there is more needed to keep the Cathedral dry. The addition of Christ Cathedral Montessori school, there were changes to that area of the basement of the office area. It is fresh, clean, new flooring and done mostly by Don and the Montessori School parents and teachers.
It is always a pleasure to serve and when we return to the “new normal”, there will need to be an assessment of what that looks like for us and we will move to make those changes.
Carolyn Peterson
Junior Warden

Christian Formation

Before reporting on what has kept me busy since my arrival at Christ Cathedral in September, I would like to thank all the members of this parish for the warm welcome extended to me. I have come to know some of you well, and I look forward to being able to get to know each of you better in the coming months.
Formation at the Cathedral continues, though scaled back due to Covid-19. In the fall the Bible study on Thursdays at noon dove into the Book of Genesis. During Advent we used materials from The Living Compass to reflect on the theme of “hope” as we walked through the season. Currently we are examining the structure, theology, and history of our service of Holy Eucharist. In Lent we will once again use the Living Compass materials to stimulate discussion.

Praying the daily office of Morning Prayer is an important part of my spiritual practice. In the fall I offered Morning Prayer for in-person worship in the Cathedral. It is now offered on-line Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m.
I am particularly excited by the Lenten Daily Devotional booklet that I am compiling of prayers, reflections, and art from members of our parish. These will be in your hands by Ash Wednesday.

Children’s formation on Sundays returned during our Sunday services on All Saints’ Day, and during Advent, thanks to DeMay and JoAnn Grunden. It will return again in Lent. Worship bags appropriate to the Sunday lectionary are now being provided to children during the services.
On the pastoral front, ornaments and Christmas greetings to parishioners were delivered before Christmas.

The Bereavement group continues to meet by Zoom on Thursday mornings at 9:30. All are welcome.

I am regularly involved with others in the Diocese of Western Kansas. I join by Zoom with Bishop Mark Cowell and the other clergy in the diocese weekly for Bible study. I was also elected to the Diocesan Council.

Respectfully submitted,

The Rev. Canon Catherine Cox

Outreach/Food Ministry

We started strong serving 40 to 60 lunches a day, through the work of 24 volunteers! By the end of spring break the remaining 5 volunteers found themselves serving over 200 lunches a day! As the country, and our community stabilized numbers returned to just over normal range. This number continues to fluctuate based on COVID.

In March we began packaging meals to-go and implemented strict social distancing, mask, and glove requirements in the kitchen and on the church grounds. We created a procedure to ensure that a safe distance was maintained between guests and volunteers. Ensuring that every precaution was taken for the safety of all!!!

Our current and greatest struggle is lack of volunteers. Outside of my immediate family. This ministry has only two regular volunteers serving a total of 1 1/2, of the 30 hours a week. There is a great need for more hands. With the need to social distance, work can be done outside of the serving time of 11:30 to 12 noon Monday-Friday, reducing the exposure of volunteers with one another.

Examples of how you can help include, but are not limited to: filling sacks for lunches the next day, coming in the morning to turn on a roaster and sit while it heats, doing dishes and clean up after the serving volunteers have left, And picking up food from the food bank.

Respectfully submitted,

Cat Seaton
Music Ministry

I first attended Mass at Christ Cathedral in the Spring of 2018, when I moved to Lindsborg from Denton, TX. Little did I know that two years later I would accept the role of Music Director and Organist. It has been a great honor and joy for me to join the Christ Cathedral community in June 2020 in this capacity.

Any new role presents its challenges, but starting as a Music Director and Organist not only during a pandemic, but also as the successor to someone who’s done marvelous work for 46 years is certainly daunting. It is my goal to build upon the legacy of Royce Young, and to guide the music ministry of the Cathedral to new heights.

As you may know, one of the hardest hit sectors during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been the arts, music, and specifically choral singing. Attending church in person was not at all possible for a long time, and even though it is possible again now, it is not without its regulations, limitations and guidelines. Choral and congregational singing will for a while longer not be possible as we were used to it. Due to the nature of how singing produces virus-spreading aerosols, we had to re-think how music was presented during Mass.

When I started in June, Masses were only offered virtually, and only those who participated could be in the building. Due to technological challenges and sound quality of the livestream, the organ could not be used. Luckily the Cathedral has a magnificent piano, and that could be used. Lisa Hodges and Bradyn Houltberg were kind enough to sing the hymns and service music week after week. Matt Schwann took on the role of managing the virtual presentation of worship, and as we changed and adapted our technology, we were able to transition back to using the king of instruments – the organ.

After the summer the vocalists returned, and we could again present some form of choral music during mass. Even with only three or four vocalists, we have to abide by certain protocols to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. Singers are required to use specially designed singing masks, stand at least 6 feet apart, and sing in-between two HEPA filters that are constantly purifying the air around them. The movements of the clergy have to be planned so that they do not pass the vocalists while they are singing or too soon after they stopped. In spite of these restrictions, we’ve been able to continue to provide music for you to aid in your worship and time with God.

The Handbell Ensemble reconvened at the end of October last year, and while we only have four members at the moment, we were able to participate in Mass several times during Advent. Rehearsals for this year resumed again on Wednesday, February 3, and the Handbell Ensemble look forward to participating in Mass during Lent and Easter. If you are interested in joining the Handbell Ensemble, please do not hesitate to contact me. We rehearse on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

During Advent it was wonderful to work with our clergy to provide weekly segments on the YouTube channel with Music and Reflections. We were also honored to participate in the ordination of Mo. Catherine to the Priesthood on December 12th. One of the first projects Mo. Catherine and I conceived together was our ‘Caroling for the Hungry’. The purpose of this event was to collect donations to serve and feed the needy. We gathered outside on a cold December night with several people in attendance, and sang wonderful Christmas Carols for about 30 minutes while standing around three fire-pits that Don Grunden managed to keep warm and flaming.

During Lent, the music ministry will present a Lenten Recital Series. This series will consist of six 30-minute recitals each Thursday at 5:30pm starting on February 18. The recitals will be livestreamed on the Cathedral’s YouTube channel, and in-person attendance will be possible according to the current County COVID-19 guidelines. Please be on the lookout in the newsletter for more information.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Music Director, and ask for your continued prayers as I grow in this ministry. It is my hope to find new ways to enrich your worship during Mass, and to find new ways to include everyone who so faithfully supports the music ministry and the work of the Cathedral.

Dr. Hentus van Rooyen
Music Director and Organist
Virtual Worship

First off, I would like to thank our leadership and parishioners with the opportunity to serve in a new facet after 8 years with the choir. I still love music as so many of you know but helping create and administer this ministry of virtual worship has been rewarding.

Here are details about our channel on YouTube. Currently, we have had 8,338 views on our channel, 178 Subscribers, and 350+ services streamed live. That translates to, 177 views (not amount of people viewing) roughly per week. Views only equal devices watching.

We have been able to provide the following services through our virtual ministry: Noonday Prayer, Sunday Mass, Stations of the Cross, Weekly Reflections, forums for dialogue, funerals, and ordinations. We have new and exciting opportunities coming soon, such as, recital series and reflections by parishioners. This is a great outlet for anyone wanting to stay home and enjoy the service from the comfort of their own home. We will continue to bring you services to your home during this pandemic and beyond.

Thank you for letting me serve you all in this manner, and may God continue to bless Christ Episcopal Cathedral.

Matthew Schwan
Virtual Worship Coordinator

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a volunteer group of the parish whose ministry is to serve God and the church. Altar Guild members prepare the sanctuary for services, and clean up afterwards. We care for the altars, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the parish. Altar Guild members frequently assist the priests in preparation for special events.

The Altar Guild is currently made up of two teams that alternate every three weeks. The two teams decided on the best times to meet for the three weeks they are on, and when they meet they are busy with their sacred duties.

On Saturday: Prepare candles for use, prepare vessels for Eucharist on Saturday night and Sunday morning, and prepare fresh linens for use. Set up sanctuary, making sure the correct color hangings are on the pulpit and lectern, and the altar linens; gospel book, and the service book are in their proper places; clean and refill holy water vessels. Set up for the weekend takes approximately an hour.
On Sunday: Cleanse and put away everything immediately after services. Another responsibility is washing and ironing used linens. This duty rotates among the team members.

On Wednesday: Set out vessels and linens for the Healing service and put away immediately after service.

During Easter and Christmas both teams take on additional duties such as putting up wreaths and changing bows, and completely changing all the altar linens.

We welcome anyone who wants to volunteer their time to the service of God by becoming a member of the Altar Guild. Please contact one of the Altar Guild Members or Mother Catherine for more information.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sue Hoffman

Christ Cathedral Clergy and Staff

The Right Rev. Mark Cowell, Bishop of Western Kansas
The Very Rev. David B. Hodges, Dean
The Rev. Canon Catherine Cox, Curate
Dr. Hentus van Rooyen, Music Director and Organist
Mr. Matthew Schwan, Virtual Worship Coordinator
Ms. Crissy Cook, Office Administrator
Mr. Don Grunden, Facilities Manager

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